Course Description

Intuition 2 takes you further into the world of consciousness and the Language of Energy, which is an important key to unlocking the mysteries of our reality and what goes on in it. The course focuses on understanding our world as a world of energy and the symbols that represent that energy. Many people learn to see and respond according to family or cultural tradition. They adopt whatever meanings they have inherited and never re-examine those meanings, which then define the box they live in.

The expansion of consciousness involves seeing the world in a much more expansive way, learning to communicate with that world in ways that help create and promote the world you want to live in, and exploring the traditions of the self in ways that are much broader, deeper, and more in alignment with the deep self.

The courses covers plasma and how the entire 3-dimensional world comes into being, including you, as well as how it works. We also examine teaching stories, the ancient 'language of the birds,' do some guided imagery, cover the basic steps to creating change, and have some fabulous discussions about all of this. There is a tiny bit of homework, a discussion of the filters of perception, and we will add some definitions to the Symbol Library.

If you are interested in expanding consciousness and unfolding more of who you are, join us for some fun, funny, and eye-opening experiences in this Course. The result is a much deeper understanding of the nature of reality and a further step along the path of what has long been known as The Hero's Journey.

Course curriculum

    1. 📎 Download | Handout - Outline

    2. 🦋 Outline | Lecture

    1. 📎 Download | Handout - Goals and Theme

    2. 🍏 Class 1 | LECTURE

    1. 🌀 Class 2 | EXERCISE

    1. 🍏 Class 3 | LECTURE

    1. 🌀 Class 4 | EXERCISE

    2. 🌀 Class 4 | EXPLANATION

    1. 📎 Download | Handout - Language of Birds

    2. 🍏 Class 5 | LECTURE

About this course

  • 77 lessons
  • 16.5 hours of video content